WELCOME lockwood members

Lockwood Folly Country Club News from the Golf Course – April 2024

Superintendant: Tim Cunningham

Assistant Superintendent: Steve Lohler

Here are some updates from the Golf Course during the first 4 months of 2024:

  • Tim Marlowe (DTM Construction) finished the work on the weir installation and ditch clean out on #7. We will be adding some (Concrete Rip-Rap) stone and putting split rail fence around the new weir. This project was completed in conjunction with the POA and the Storm Water Management Committee.

  • Unfortunately, Cliff Bennett will be leaving our Golf Course Maintenance team. Cliff is retiring and we wish him all the best in his retirement. This Thursday February 15th will be his last day. Cliff has worked with me since I started; both on the cart staff and on our Golf Course Maintenance team. Working part-time, he has been our main Golf Course set-up person and he will be missed.

  • On Wednesday February 7th we hosted Heather Hardie (Director of Horticulture and Turfgrass Management) and her students from the program at Brunswick Community College. Steve Kohler and I showed them around our maintenance facility and shared information about our golf course and maintenance practices. Our Equipment technician, Jason Wilbanks explained the process of reel grinding and the importance of setting up cutting units. Jason demonstrated both reel grinding and bed-knife grinding on our new grinders.

  • We are costing out the project of connecting the loop of our irrigation system around the Clubhouse. I will explain what this involves and the benefits to our irrigation system by completing this project.

  • All Tee markers were recently painted. Thank you Steve Kohler

  • With the time change this past weekend our Maintenance Wednesdays begin today and continue through Daylight Savings time November 3, 2024. Thank you for understanding the importance of our Maintenance Wednesdays for Golf Course Maintenance without golfer interuptions.

  • On Tuesday February 27th we received a routine inspection from the Brunswick County Fire Marshal. After going around our building he found 7 items that needed addressed. We have corrected all of the items he documented and he will be returning to approve them. Thank you to Jim Bowers who repaired our wiring issues at our gas pumps.

  • On Wednesday March 20th we had over 25 LFCC Members Volunteer to help us clean up pine cones on the golf course. They raked piles of pine cones in all the locations where they interfere with play or interfere with our mowers. Thank you to all who contributed!

  • Excavation and leveling work on our Masterplan fairway bunker project on the right side of #13 is just about complete and we will be sodding soon.

  • Ned Gibson Tree Service recently removed 5 large dead trees near the cart path on #12 and #18 that presented a dangerous risk to golfers. Also, last Wednesday night, April 3rd, The large leaning Live Oak Tree near #1 Tee and the cart path came down. Ned and his crew came in that day and cut up and removed the tree along with 2 other dead trees on #1.

  • Maintenance Wednesdays have been very important for us to complete necessary work on the Golf Course without golfers interrupting. Most Wednesdays do include work on greens, specifically our verticut, topdress program, aerification, fertilization, Chemical applications, etc….  However, some Wednesdays we may not be doing work on greens. We may be doing work on projects, Tees, Fairways or roughs. If we do not have work scheduled that will interrupt play I will let the pro shop know that it would be OK to schedule Tee Times for that particular Wednesday.

  • Ron Horensky, has been a big help with repairs on our aging Maintenance building and Ron and myself are identifying some additional maintenance repairs that need be completed in-house.

    Tim Cunningham

    Golf Course Superintendent, LFCCI